Lila Campbell Photography

I have had a lifelong fascination with capturing unexpected perspectives of life on film. Pre-digital age, I shot mostly black and white film and developed in a darkroom set up in my childhood home. I’ve been hooked on the art of photography ever since, and my omnipresent cameras have always been along for the ride, whether professionally or otherwise.

My work has been published, as well as exhibited in galleries in Atlanta and the Southeast. Professional assignments run the gamut from portraits, documentary work, street photography, events, live music and sporting events to legal documentation and fine art.

I also have a Greeting Card line called No-Box Thinking. It's an extensive line of occasion cards with original photos on the front and related catchy sentiments inside.

Personal interests include horse racing, country songwriting, harmonica, drumming, fitness, travel, and music.

Contact Info for Lila Campbell Photography:
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